Why Spas by Design

Spas by Design is the Phoenix area’s top choice of in-ground spas. What sets us apart? Quality and Craftsmanship. We are the factory, the showroom, the installation team, and the service team. Because we control the entire timeline of each spa, we can craft and control the quality put into each and every in-ground spa.

  • We are not a dealer, we are the manufacturer. With Spas By Design you are paying for what you want in a spa, picking out every option including custom jet placement. With a dealer, your buying the same old spa that is mass produced with a bunch of options and gadgets you do not need or use.
  • Spas by Design has a professionally trained service staff that can repair any make or model spa.  With our fully stocked trucks and state of the art technology, there is no job to big or too small.
  • We also perform rigorous  quality control tests on each spa that is built ensuring 100% satisfaction by only using the finest equipment and parts on our spas.

Research has recently revealed what spa owners have known for years…..a good soak in a hot tub can do wonders for your body and mind.

Here are a few Health Benefits of our spas:

  • Relief from Arthritis – Loosening joints and increasing mobility.
  • Assisting in healing injuries – Helping to minimize muscle tension.
  • Relaxation and Stress Relief – Releasing nervous tension throughout the body and rejuvenating the mind – Helping you to sleep better!